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Why You Should Consider Wellness Travel For Your Next Vacation

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Everyone has a different idea as for what makes the perfect vacation. It’s true, taking a vacation is a chance to break off from nine to five but then how we choose to spend that vacation is vastly different from one person to the next.

With this in mind, I would like to ask you a question: does your idea of a vacation revolve around relaxation or is this most often a time in which to indulge?

I ask because these are two very different types of vacation and the first of these is often ignored.

Why Wellness Travel is the Perfect Break from Life in the Fast Lane

You see, for many people, the objective of a vacation is simply to escape the daily grind and let loose for a week or two. It means late night cocktails or all-inclusive buffets and as much time as possible sunbathing (or sleeping) next to the pool. On the other hand, the perfect vacation might involve ski resorts or multi day rafting trips where activities come thick and fast and not a single minute is wasted “sitting around”.

But let’s be honest, you know what often happens at the end of these vacations?

Instead of feeling rejuvenated, many people are likely to feel even more exhausted than when they departed for their much needed “break”!

I like to call it “the fear” and in case you might be asking yourself, this is a time when someone returns from one or two weeks of indulgence only to feel exhausted at the thought of going back to work. Needless to say, the general theme of these vacations is anything but relaxation.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I fully agree that vacations are a time for letting loose and even getting some exercise. In many ways, I envy the energy that some people have for spending time outdoors or even the lack of guilt they feel for sleeping off another buffet.

But my point is, sometimes a relaxing vacation is just the ticket after spending so much time in the fast lane. More specifically, sometimes the late nights and cocktails are far from “what the doctor ordered”.

5 Benefits and Reasons to Consider Wellness Travel for Your Next Vacation

The truth is, vacations are the perfect time to take care of your health and mental well-being. Instead of all out indulgence, wellness travel can rejuvenate the body and even wind back the clock to a time when it was in a much healthier state. It’s not even a case of taking one meditation class or carrot juice after another but rather it’s about making a conscious decision to take care of the mind and body.

Here are just a few benefits and reasons that you should consider wellness travel for your next vacation:

  1. Wellness Travel Allows You to Disconnect from Noise Social media in particular is more of a distraction than ever but by focusing on the mind and body, we can also take time to escape the clutches of technology. Needless to say, taking time away from these distractions also enables one to fully engage with the natural surroundings.

  2. A Healthy Diet and Nutrition Will Help You Feel Better When you choose wellness travel, diet and nutrition is always a major focus and this is very important for wellness travel but not in the same way that we think of a buffet. For many people, they think that wellness travel is about green juices and carrot sticks but this is also a common misconception. It simply means paying attention to your intake of carbs or protein and choosing foods that will supplement your health instead of making you feel borderline ill.

  3. Wellness Travel Can Improve Relationships If you happen to be traveling with someone special, wellness travel is an opportunity to strengthen a connection or even reconnect. That being said, the continued focus on body, mind and soul also tends to nurture a renewed willingness to interact with people in general.

  4. Wellness Resorts are Surprisingly Affordable As you might imagine, visiting the spa treatment room comes with a price but for the most part, wellness travel is not necessarily more expensive than any other type of trip. In fact, wellness travel is more about the environment and attitude than anything else.

  5. Relaxed and Rejuvenated Vs. Bloated and Tired It’s true, some wellness resorts cost significantly more than others but it’s also true that there is always an affordable option for every budget. As for the main reason you should consider wellness travel for your next vacation? I guess you just need to ask yourself one question:

Do you want to return from your vacation feeling relaxed or bloated, tired and longing for a break? Consider taking a wellness vacation in 2019 to do your mind and body some good.

For help booking a wellness vacation, contact me and let’s start planning.

If you have recommendations for wellness travel, please post in the comments below. I would love to know your ideas.


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