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Hawaii - The Ultimate Travel Destination​

Aloha! 🌺 The ultimate travel destination in the United States, the beautiful tropical state of Hawaii is at the top of most traveler’s bucket list. 


However, which Hawaiian island should you visit? What if you want to visit more than one island - how do you travel from one to another?  Planning a trip to Hawaii can be quite overwhelming for travelers, especially those first-time visitors. Let me take care of every detail with experience and expertise and plan the perfect trip to the “Paradise of the Pacific.”

There's enough beauty and activity in Hawaii to fill more vacations than we could take in a lifetime. With so much to choose from, first-time visitors need to be selective. Our recommendation is to settle first on the Hawaii you want to see. It might be beaches, a luau and nightlife; it might be rare orchids and hikes in the rain forest; it might be quiet countryside, small towns and scenic drives. Whatever the combination, there is almost certainly an island or islands best suited to your Hawaii vacation dreams.

8 Distinctive Islands

Everyone will find something enjoyable in Hawaii, and different islands will appeal to different people. Each island is unique, with distinctive attractions, special places and geophysical features.


These are the eight primary islands:


  1. Hawaii Island

  2. Kahoolawe

  3. Kauai

  4. Lanai

  5. Maui

  6. Molokai

  7. Niihau

  8. Oahu

Based on your wish list, I will help find the right island(s) for you to visit.


Ready To Plan Your Alaskan Vacation?

Schedule a complimentary consultation today so we can begin discussing your plans.

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