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14 Things to Know Before Traveling Solo

While I love traveling with my wife and family, sometimes it can be fun to travel by myself. Traveling solo can be a thrilling experience that pushes the boundaries of your comfort zone. So, if this sounds like the way you prefer to travel, you want to make sure you prepare before venturing off!

Here are some “know before you go” items before you head out on your solo travel.

14 Things to Know Before Traveling Solo

  1. Leave Your Contact Info with Someone at Home When traveling, especially overseas where communication might be trickier, it’s important to let someone know your travel plans. Let them know where you are going, where you will be staying, and your travel dates. This will keep your loved ones at home in the loop just in case they need to get ahold of you.

  2. Keep Copies of Important Documents Always keep copies of your important documents, such as your passport and other necessary paperwork. These copies can come in handy in case you misplace one during your travels.

  3. Network Talk to your contacts about where you will be traveling to as they may have connections in those places and could connect you with other people in their network. This is great for solo traveling because it can help give you more insight from locals into where you are going and, if you feel so inclined, you can meet up!

  4. Bring a Book and a Journal You may face some long travel days, and since you will be traveling solo, having a book to read can help entertain you. Journaling is another excellent way to keep yourself entertained. It is also great to have so you can document your journey. Trust me on this…it is fun and special to find your travel journals and read back and recall those travel moments later in life.

  5. Learn How to be Alone Traveling solo means spending time alone. Depending on your personality, this might be the most challenging part of traveling solo. Being with yourself alone in another country is a big deal but learning to slow down can create a lot of growth, and you can learn more about who you are.

  6. You May Never Feel 100% Ready This one speaks for itself. It is hard to find the time and energy to commit to traveling internationally with our busy lives. But is there ever really a “perfect” time to go? You might also be thinking that you aren’t ready to travel solo yet, but again, is there really going to be a “perfect” time? If you’re considering traveling alone, take the leap!

  7. Things Will Go Wrong...That's OK No matter if you are traveling alone or with others, something will go wrong. If you are traveling solo and something goes wrong, it might be stressful at the moment, but it’s going to give you great stories to tell and will help you learn to be more flexible. Just go with the flow!

  8. Keep Emergency Contact Info on You It is crucial that you give someone at home your information on where you will be traveling, but it is also essential to keep their information on you as well. Ideally, it is great to keep this information in multiple places, such as your mobile device and your journal. This is important just in case your phone is out of battery or misplaced and you need to call home. 💡 Pro Tip: When traveling internationally, locate the nearest U.S. Embassy in the destination(s) you are visiting. Just in case!

  9. Understand The Cultures You’re Entering When entering new countries, we highly recommend learning more about the local cultures before visiting. This can help prepare you for anything you might face, such as clothing restrictions or norms and understanding mannerisms. 📌 Remember: When traveling internationally, you are a guest in that foreign country. Therefore, you should try to respect local customs and obey their laws.

  10. Know Where You’re Going It’s always a good idea to create some kind of plan before your travels. This will help give you an idea of any transportation you might need to take and how to visit each place on your list effectively. 💡 Pro Tip: This is where using a travel advisor comes in handy!

  11. Ask Locals for Recommendations Talking to locals is a wonderful way to learn about the place you are visiting. They can tell you the best places to visit that you might miss if you are just going to the tourist attractions, and as an added bonus, they’re likely to be much less busy.

  12. Try Not to Overpack When traveling solo, you’re in charge of all your bags. Make sure you are able to carry all your items before you leave and have room left for any souvenirs you might be bringing back with you.

  13. Try to Act Confidently in Public Acting confident is key, especially if you are not sure where you are or where you are going. When you show confidence, it is less likely someone will try and take advantage of you. We’d like to believe that most people you meet would not do this, but you can never be too cautious.

  14. Use a Travel Advisor In this day and age, travel advisors are very important when traveling to foreign destinations. They can help you understand travel restrictions and advise you on a multitude of things in addition to booking your air, hotel, transportation and tours. Leave the worrying and stress of planning your solo travel to a trusted travel professional.

Traveling solo is truly an adventure of a lifetime, and I believe it can add so much value to your life. It can be a scary one, but well worth it!

If you are looking to travel alone, I can help you plan a fully customized itinerary or book you into an escorted tour group with other like-minded travelers. The options are plentiful. The first step begins with a complimentary consultation call. Let’s schedule yours today!



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