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Top 5 Reasons To Book an Escorted Tour

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Travel is a beautiful thing, whether doing it solo or with a group. While there are certainly pros of traveling alone, however, there’s something to be said about experiencing it with others, no matter if they’re friends or strangers.

I read this quote recently that illustrates this view perfectly: “There are no strangers in this world, only friends you haven’t met yet."

Even more, while it can be fun to travel on a whim with no real plan but to see where the wind takes you, there’s something to be said about having your entire trip planned for you; no stress, no concerns, no obligations. Just show up and enjoy…

If you’re someone who prefers to travel with others and tends to experience more stress than satisfaction when planning your itinerary, a guided/escorted tour might just be for you!

Five Reasons to Book an Escorted Tour

While there are several reasons to book an escorted tour, In this blog, we’ll be discussing the top five (5) reasons to book an escorted tour for your next travel adventure.

1. Travel in Confidence

When traveling to a foreign country (or countries), whether in Europe, North America, or otherwise, it’s not uncommon to feel fear or concern regarding the uncertainties that accompany such an endeavor. From unfamiliar laws and cultural differences to the uncharted territories and everything that comes with it, traveling can oftentimes cause more distress than it does excitement.

By traveling with a reliable and experienced tour company, you can travel in confidence, rest assured that all uncertainties are being taken care of.

Not familiar with the driving regulations? No problem. You’ll be assigned with an experienced, oftentimes local driver who knows the ins and outs of the foreign roads.

Concerned about the safety of certain destinations? No worries. Experienced tour companies know exactly what locations to avoid and what locations are safe to explore.

Stressed about the logistics of arrival, departure, and all the little details that come with a trip packed with activities? No need to stress, that’s what the tour company specializes in!

All you need to be concerned about when traveling with an escorted tour company is showing up and enjoying the ride; you can leave the rest up to them.

2. Enjoy Expert Information and Local Insights

As it pertains to the first reason, ‘travel in confidence’, booking an escorted tour also provides you with the luxury of having access to expert information and insights into the local culture.

Thanks to the expertise that comes with booking an escorted tour, you’ll be brought to the most desirable destinations, most important landmarks, and most delicious restaurants, in addition to being given top recommendations that you wouldn’t have otherwise been given if traveling independently.

Regarding local insights, not only will you be educated on everything that you see and do, but you’ll be provided with interesting facts, historical footnotes, and helpful pieces of advice along the way.

Escorted tours bring the experience and knowledge that you wish you had when traveling independently. It’s, in large part, what you’re paying for!

3. The Convenience Factor

We’ve all experienced the overwhelm that comes with planning a trip. Whether it’s trying to decide on dates, find the cheapest prices, book the most popular activities, or make the most logically-sound itinerary if planning a multi-destination trip, there is no shortage of stress that accompanies such an endeavor.

Not only is it overwhelming, but it can often become timely, inconvenient, and sometimes downright deflating. The result is planning fatigue, loss of excitement, and brain fog; neither of which is optimal when seeking to book a trip of a lifetime.

That’s where travel companies come into play! By booking an escorted tour through a travel company, you can say goodbye to the overwhelm, the hassle, and the stress. No more planning, budgeting, or deciphering; no more comparing prices, researching top activities, or compromising on the whens and wheres. Simply consult with your travel advisor, pay, show up, and enjoy… The rest will be taken care of.

If this isn’t convenience, I don’t know what is!

4. Saves Money in the Long-Run

When traveling independently without the involvement of a tour company, you risk unforeseen expenses. Unforeseen expenses can take many forms, however, they’re typically a result of poor planning and/or spontaneity.

In other words, you may fail to consider certain logistics such as hotel transfers, transportation, or local exchange rates. In addition, you may plan for a certain budget before departure, however, upon arrival, decide to enjoy certain luxuries and participate in additional excursions that weren’t necessarily planned for.

With an escorted tour, however, all expenses are taken care of upfront thanks to all-inclusive packaging. Even more, because of the expertise that comes with booking escorted tours, you can rest assured that no unexpected expenses will arise.

In short, because you give all of the control to the tour company upon booking, there’s no risk of overspending, under-budgeting, or failing to consider the potential of unexpected expenses. While the upfront cost can sometimes seem like an unworthy investment, in the long run, escorted tours often prove to be cheaper than independent travel.

5. Share Your Travels with Other Like-Minded Individuals

As mentioned in the preface of this blog, there are certainly pros to traveling solo. However, wouldn’t you agree that the experiences that come with travel are better enjoyed in the company of others who get to share the same experiences?

Whether with friends, loved ones, or strangers, group travel elevates the entire experience, and that’s just what you get when booking an escorted tour. Even more, because they’ve booked the same tour as you, it’s likely that they share similar perspectives and interests.

Finally, isn’t one of the primary benefits of travel meeting new people?! While meeting new people can certainly be accomplished when traveling independently, it makes it a heck of a lot easier with an escorted group tour!

Your Next Adventure Awaits!

Of course, there are several reasons to book an escorted tour for your next travel adventure, however, the ones discussed are certainly the top considerations. If an escorted tour is of interest to you, don’t hesitate to contact me for recommendations or to simply inquire for more information on the subject.

Working with major tour companies like Globus, Mayflower Tours, Cosmos, and many others, I can guide you through the entire process, taking care of booking, airfare, accommodations, and more.

So, what are you waiting for?! Your escorted tour awaits!

Schedule a complimentary consultation today, and let's get you to your next destination!


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