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Why Wave Season is the BEST Time to Make Travel Plans

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

You might have heard from friends, family, etc. that NOW is the best time to book travel. And, they’re absolutely correct. Winter months bring with them “wave season,” as we travel agents and agency owners call it. If you’ve heard about wave before, consider this a refresher. If not, here’s the 101!

What is it? No, not rough seas. Wave is kind of like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but for JUST travel. Initially it started as a cruise industry “thing,” but it’s grown to include some land suppliers – hotels and packages.

When is it? Wave season is long, not a one day and done! It typically runs from January through March, yearly. But, more often, the cruise lines and other travel vendors are releasing wave plans and promotions into November and December to coincide with the holidays.

Think about it ... it’s winter, cold, dark early, you feel like it’ll never end and .... you’re dreaming of VACATION! Also, the first of the year is a time when a lot of families sit down and talk about travel for the upcoming months!

Why wave? Cruise lines and other vendors have aggressive pricing AND values! Value is key - what are they throwing in for free that would normally cost you extra? Wave promos in the past have included on- board credit, prepaid tips, shore excursions, drink packages and dining packages!

In short, it’s THE best time to book travel. No questions asked.

Nearly all cruise lines and other vendors participate, offers are extremely diverse and terms and conditions very confusing. This can make the selection process super stressful, and it’s why I do what I do! Let me keep all the details straight so you can dream of your next vacation.

So let me know! Are you a wave season vet, have taken advantage of some really great values in the past and have something on your wish list this upcoming year? Are you a newbie and want more details or help narrowing down options? Let’s chat! Schedule a complimentary consultation today.

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