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Cave Tubing in Belize

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

On our recent Western Caribbean Cruise we stopped in Belize City, Belize. The shore excursion my family chose was to go cave tubing.

Hidden among the tropical rainforest in western Belize is the Jaguar Paw Adventure Outdoor Post. The facility is outfitted with bathrooms, changing rooms, locker rentals, bar, cafe, and gift shop. We took about an hour and fifteen-minute bus ride from the port to the outpost. Our onboard guides were very informative as they discussed what it was like to live in Belize along with the history.

Upon arrival at the outpost, we boarded another bus to make our way down a steep gravel road where we then obtained our locker and tubing gear. We were paired up with a guide who gave us safety information. Then we took a short walk to the exit point of the river in order to cross the river and take a 20-minute hike through the rainforest to where we would begin our tubing. The water was high due to recent rains causing the river to flow swiftly.

Upon exiting the river, we had a short walk back to the outpost where we changed clothes and enjoyed a traditional Belizean lunch of marinated chicken, rice and beans, which was very delicious.

We did learn a good bit about the cave system as well as the Maya civilization. We did spend more time on the bus to/from the outpost as well as preparing and walking to the river than we did on the river which was a little disappointing. Nonetheless, it was a very fun excursion.

(For those wanting an extra adventure, there is a zip line addon for this excursion.)

For a full summary of our recent cruise, visit my Travel Journal – Western Caribbean Cruise post.

For more information about booking cruises or shore excursions, please contact me. I would love to help you plan your next adventure.


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