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Alaskan Cruise Journal: Pre-Cruise Adventure in Vancouver 🇨🇦

(This is a journal series of my Alaskan cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage with my Aunt Jerrill. My mother, a lover of cruises, was supposed to be joining us but she unexpectedly passed away earlier this year.)

After a long day of travel yesterday, a good night’s rest did the body a lot of good.  After sleeping in a little this morning, had a little breakfast and coffee here at the hotel before setting out for the day.

We walked over to Stanley Park (near the hotel) to go to Vancouver Aquarium 🐠.  This is a very nice park with such beautiful trees🌲 surrounding part of the harbor ⛵️.  Along the way we got to see a commercial being filmed.  It was cool to see all the equipment, wardrobes, etc. that go into making the commercial.  (Fun fact: Vancouver has become quite the filmmaking location from what we found out.) The aquarium was very nice and well worth checking out if staying in the area.

After the aquarium we walked back to the hotel and from there over to the Vancouver Aquatic Center where we took a quick (and small) ferry over to Granville Island.  We had lunch here and walked around.  They have a really cool public market with food stalls along with vendors selling fresh meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, chocolates, and much more.

After walking around a little while around Granville Island we took the ferry back to the “mainland” where we then took an Uber back to the hotel.  Once back at the hotel we hung out at the pool and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Jerrill wasn’t hungry for supper.  So I talked about 1/2 mile to a local pizzeria and got a small pizza and salad to bring back to the hotel to enjoy while watching a movie and getting ready for embarkation day tomorrow.

I book a lot of Alaskan cruises for my clients.  So it has been fun checking out the city to be able to provide some more recommendations for my clients when I put them here for a pre-cruise stay.

Tomorrow will be a fun and exciting day as we get over to the cruise terminal and get onboard our ship to set sail.


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