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Alaskan Cruise Journal: Day 6 & 7 - Sea Days

Our last two days of the cruise were days at sea with a bit of twist. Day 6 we did a scenic cruise through Glacier Bay National Park. We had park rangers get on our ship and give commentary and talks through out the day. That was very interesting.

It was very cold up on deck as we sailed around looking at glaciers.

I did treat myself to a massage in the spa. Always so relaxing.

Last night it was so foggy we had zero visibility which was kinda cool. The ship’s horn constantly blew to be a fog horn. As we crossed the Gulf of Alaska it was some rough waters. Could really feel the ship rocking.

This morning I was a bit lazy and slept in. Jerrill and I had a long breakfast and just hung out. We then went to a culinary presentation in the main theatre. It was more of a little comedy and entertainment show out on by the culinary team.

After lunch we went back to the theatre for a little session about the ship and navigation led by the safety officer.

I spent a little time in the hot tub before going back to the room to pack and get ready for supper.

We enjoyed our last supper in the main dining room with our wonderful waiter, Edwin and some of the friends we made this week.

After supper we stepped outside to view some more glaciers as we sail through College Fjord. Then we enjoyed the last performance by the entertainment team.

Tomorrow we disembark and will have some time in Anchorage before beginning the trip home.

This has been an amazing trip. I’m so glad I got to do this. I do miss the fact that my mother was no longer physically with us as I found myself wanting to tell her about what we saw or did or ate. However, I know she was watching from above.

Now to the next adventure…


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