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Alaskan Cruise Journal: Day 5 - Skagway, Alaska

Today was our last port-of-call stop which was Skagway, Alaska. Just like the other two stops, this was just as beautiful of a town.  The weather started off cool and foggy but quickly turned into a gorgeous, sunny day.

We had two excursions today.  The first was up to Dyea to go to a Mushers and Dog Sledding 🛷Camp.  The scenery on the ride up was stunning.  The camp was really neat.  They currently have 234 dogs 🐕 at the camp they are working with for various owners.  Soon they’ll go home to their owners to get ready for races.  We got to go on a dog sledding adventure, learn about the races and hold 13-day old puppies.  What a treat!

We then headed back to downtown Skagway where we boarding the White Pass Scenic Train 🚂 for a two and half hour ride up into the mountains 🏔.  WHOA!  Talk about some gorgeous landscape and views.  At one point it felt like we were going into the clouds ☁️.  We ended up at a peak of 2,880 feet at the summit.

After the train ride we had time to walk around the downtown area for a little bit to get a snack and some last bit of shopping in before heading back to the ship.

This evening was another great meal with two new couples at our table.  Following our supper, Jerrill and I went out to the deck to watch our ship 🛳 push back and sail away from Skagway before heading to this evening’s entertainment by the onboard entertainment team.  It was entitled “Do You Wanna Dance?”   It was obviously dancing with various genre of music.

It has been a long day, but well worth it.  We are so glad we booked two excursions and got to take in every bit.

Tomorrow we sail around Glacier National Park.  Can’t wait.

Facts about Skagway:

✔️ The local public school has approximately 110 students.  (Most recent graduating class had 3 seniors.)

✔️ 1 Gas Station, 1 bank and 1 grocery store in town.  No fast food restaurants.

✔️ No doctors or dentists.  There is a health center with nurse practitioners.  For emergencies you have to be airlifted to Juneau.

✔️ Tongass National Rainforest (which we hiked in while in Ketchikan) extend up here.  In fact it stretches 1,500 miles.

✔️ Isostatic Glacier Rebound is causing 1-2” of land gain a year in certain parts of the area.

✔️ Nordstroms and Levi Strauss started in Skagway as part of the Yukon Gold Rush.


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