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Alaskan Cruise Journal: Day 4 - Juneau, Alaska

This morning we arrived to a very foggy cruise port in Juneau. However, by the time we got going and on our way to our excursion it started to burn off.

Today, we did a whale 🐋 watching excursion in Auke Bay. It was amazing! We saw at least six humpback whales…such magnificent creatures. We also got to see sea lions and more bald eagles! 🦅

We also got to see Mendenhall Glacier on the way back to downtown Juneau. Once back to port we stopped at a local eatery for lunch. Jerrill got halibut fish and chips and I got a reindeer sausage corndog. We then walked around and found a local arts & craft market as well as the typical souvenir shops.

We then took a tram up to the top of one of the mountains 🏔 which was about 1,800 feet above sea level. Such incredible views! We then returned to our rooms to hang out on the balcony and enjoy the scenery and rest a little before heading to supper. Oh, and we got to watch a lot of sea planes take off and land right near the ships. So cool!

We continue to meet new people every night So much fun!

Tonight’s evening entertainment was some soul music by the onboard musician. He was quite talented.

Tomorrow’s our last port of call which will be in Skagway.

A few fun facts about Juneau:

✔️ State capital of Alaska but not the biggest city in the state.

✔️ Largest capital in the U.S. based on landmass.

✔️ The Juneau ice field has 38 glaciers.


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