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8 Reasons Why Travelers Won’t Consider Ocean Cruises

Updated: May 9, 2022

I am a big fan of ocean cruises but do realize that they are not for everyone. What I find interesting when talking to prospective clients about cruises is that they will not even consider one due to preconceived notions or misconceptions about cruises. So, below are eight common reasons why travelers won’t consider ocean cruises that I have heard when talking to prospective clients and my responses to them.

8 Reasons Why Travelers Won’t Consider Ocean Cruises:

  1. Cruises are for old folks. Cruises these days aren’t the cruises our grandparents took back in the day. Yes, there are cruises that market specifically to the senior demographic, such as Oceania Cruise Line. However, with so many cruise lines, each with varying styles, amenities and itineraries, there are cruises now for all ages. For example, Disney Cruise Line is very family-friendly and is great for multi-generation families to cruise on. Then there’s Carnival Cruise Line with their “Fun Ships” that is known as the partying cruise line and is perfect for all ages looking for a budget-friendly, entertainment-filled cruise.

  2. Cruise food is terrible. One thing cruises are known for is the food. Yes, some cruise lines cook food better than others, but each offers such a vast culinary experience. You can find everything from Italian to Asian to American cuisines and everything in between. Even the pickiest of eaters can find something to eat aboard a cruise.

  3. There isn’t enough to do on a cruise. If you cannot find something to do on a cruise then you must not be looking very hard. Cruises love to keep their guests entertained and provide plenty of options on a daily basis–even when in port. They know a happy guest will be a repeat guest. You can usually find trivia, gambling, dance parties, comedy shows, nightly shows and much more. Cruise lines that cater to families will even find plenty of activities for the younger cruisers to enjoy.

  4. People get too sick on a cruise ship. “Too sick” is a relative term. Yes, there have been cases of the Norovirus hitting cruise ships. However, these occurrences are not as common as the media make them out to be. Also, the reason we hear more about illnesses on cruises than, say, flights is because cruise lines are required to report illnesses whereas the airlines are not. Cruise lines do a good job to sanitize their ships throughout and in between each voyage. However, your common practice should be to use the hand sanitizer stations as you enter each restaurant on board a ship and make sure you wash properly after using the restroom. These actions will help stop the spread of germs.

  5. I don’t want to get sea sick. If you are prone to getting sea sick, then you probably don’t want to go on a smaller cruise ship. Rarely will you feel movement on the larger ships, though. Also, the location of your stateroom on the cruise ship is important. Therefore, if you are prone to getting seasick, let your travel advisor know so he/she can help you pick the best stateroom that will minimize the feeling of any movement of the ship. Also, all cruise ships have an onboard medical office. You can stop by and pay a nominal fee to get a shot to reduce any nausea if you start to experience sea sickness. There are plenty of over-the-counter medicines and remedies you can try, as well, such as Sea Bands or ginger tablets. Tip: On one of our cruises, our daughter got a little sea sick. The room steward got her a Granny Smith Apple and Ginger Ale. Apparently these two items help with nausea.

  6. Too many people on a cruise. There’s no question that cruise ships are floating cities. The longer (7+ days) cruises will certainly be on the bigger ships while the shorter cruises will be on smaller ships with fewer people. The various cruise lines do a good job to keep everyone entertained and moving to minimize the feeling of being crowded. Certainly talk with your travel advisor to help find the right ship for you if you don’t want to be with larger crowds.

  7. Cruises are bad for the environment. Cruises have gotten a bad rap over the years about pollution, destroying sea life, and more. In this day and age, though, they no longer can afford to ignore environmental issues. Otherwise, they will face backlash from environmentalists, government fines, and boycotts. Cruise lines have started taking steps to help alleviate some of these issues. Each cruise line is using different approaches and some are further along than others. Some examples of the way cruise lines are helping the environment include: no longer using plastic straws, one-time use cups, water bottles, etc., building ships to use natural fuels to reduce carbon emissions, giving to environmental causes that are helping to build new coral reefs and aquatic habitats, and much more.

  8. I can’t afford a cruise. There is a cruise for every budget. Some cruise lines are more luxurious than others and will certainly cost more. However, the more affordable cruises can still provide a good travel experience. Are you willing to go last minute and take whatever room type is available? Oftentimes, cruise lines will offer deeply discounted fares as the cruise departure nears in order to fill those unsold rooms. Each cruise line charges fares based on room categories (i.e., suites, balcony rooms, ocean view rooms, interior rooms, and so on). Just be upfront with your travel advisor and clear as to what your budget is so he/she can help find the right cruise for you.

Do you have questions about a cruise or are you looking for a travel advisor to help book your next cruise? Look no further, and contact me. I love cruises, and I equally love talking about them and helping my clients plan for one. I would love to help you.


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