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5 Tips for Multi-Generational Family Travel

Multi-generational family sitting and taking in the views

Traveling with family members of all ages can be tricky. You likely feel responsible for ensuring everyone has a good time, and that can make even the thought of going on a trip with your whole family unappealing. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are five tips for enjoying — not enduring — travel with every family member, regardless of age.

  1. Plan Activities Everyone Will Love Start simple. What vacation staples do children and adults love? Consider a day at the beach, a trip to a historical landmark, or a leisurely hike with plenty of sights along the way. Each of these activities offers benefits for all ages, whether that is playing in the sand, learning something new, or seeing wildlife up close.

  2. Plan Activities by Age Group Once you’ve nailed down the activities everyone will enjoy, come up with an activity for each age group. Let’s say you’re visiting a popular beach town. You might plan a day at the pool just for kids and a shopping spree at local boutiques for teens. The adults could enjoy a night out at a local restaurant or bar. Having activities for everyone to enjoy together allows for bonding, while activities by age group allow each person to feel satisfied with the vacation.

  3. Focus on Making Memories It’s not about planning the greatest activities for each day but making the most of each day by enjoying your loved ones’ company. Recognize that every person might not enjoy everything you have planned. That’s OK! Remember: Trips with people from multiple generations are usually meant for making memories and building relationships. Find ways to foster connections between children, parents, and grandparents.

  4. Slow Down Schedule free time, time for everyone to relax and do whatever they please. Vacation is meant to be a break from busy, everyday life. Everyone should have a moment to themselves, whether they’re young or old.

  5. Test Limits Don’t think that young people won’t enjoy activities that older people do and vice versa. Multi-generational travel presents opportunities for the young to grow and for the old to revisit their youth. Try something that will stretch each family member … parasailing, ziplining, or maybe even an obstacle course. You’ll be shocked to see how testing the limits bridges gaps between people of different ages.

Don’t let something as simple as age keep you from traveling with your loved ones. Use these tips to make planning an unforgettable trip for children and grandparents alike a breeze!

If you need assistance planning a multi-generational family vacation, please contact me. I would love to help you create a memory-making adventure with your family.


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