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10 Tips for Visiting Yellowstone National Park

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

We are very blessed in America 🇺🇸 to have such beautiful national parks throughout the country. Every American should take the opportunity to visit at least one, if not all, of them in their lifetime. The magnificent beauty is just indescribable and must be seen in person.

However, given how big and vast our national parks are, the planning can be a little daunting. My children and I just got back from visiting Yellowstone National Park 🦬 while visiting family in Jackson, Wyoming. From my own observations, here are 10 tips for visiting Yellowstone National Park that will hopefully help you make the most of your visit.

10 Tips for Visiting Yellowstone National Park

  1. Purchase your pass before you visit. Visit to view fees and purchase your pass online ahead of your visit. Unless you purchase an annual pass, the regular pass is valid for seven days.

  2. Arrive early. The park gets busy quickly. Many visitors are staying overnight in the many camping areas or lodges located throughout the park. As the day goes on the traffic gets heavier. National park visits are at an all-time high. Just remember patience is key when dealing with the traffic. Everyone is there for the same reason you are…to see all the beautiful sights.

  3. Plan to stay all day. There are two main loops, the northern loop and the southern loop. Each loop is approximately 70+ miles long. So, if you were to just drive one loop without stopping it will still take several hours given the slower speed limits and traffic in the park. Of course, who wants to do that? Plan to stop and check out some of the geysers, hot springs, water falls, scenic overlooks, etc. located throughout the beautiful ride.

  4. Dress comfortably. Plan to do a good bit of walking at the various places where you can get out. Therefore, wear comfortable clothing and walking or hiking shoes 🥾. Don’t forget a rain coat just in case it rains, like it did while we were visiting.

  5. Check out the visitors centers. Not sure about something? Stop off and visit one of the ten visitors centers located throughout the park. The staff are super friendly and willing to help.

  6. Pick up a map. Cell phone service is either poor or non-existent throughout the park. So, a traditional paper map 🗺 and guide will be your best bet for navigating the park. You can pick them up at one of the visitors centers or at any of the entrance gates.

  7. Pack a picnic. While there are a couple of places serving food, such as next to the Old Faithful Lodge, who wants to waste time waiting in line when you can certainly bring your own food and find a beautiful place to pull over and enjoy a picnic 🧺? Remember, you are in the wildlife’s natural habitat. So, please do not litter and certainly NO FEEDING THE ANIMALS.

  8. Check posted times for the geysers. At the Old Faithful Visitor’s Center they post the predicted time the various geysers, including Old Faithful, will erupt. This part of the park is probably the most popular, and thus, the most busy of all.

  9. Fill up in the park. If you are running low on fuel, don’t worry. There are several gas stations ⛽️ throughout the park. However, it’s probably best to make sure you start with a full tank beforehand.

  10. Purchase a souvenir. There are several opportunities to purchase souvenirs at reasonable prices. So, pick one (or more) to help you remember your wonderful visit.

Do you have a tip for visiting Yellowstone National Park? If so, please post in the comment below. I would love to know what others suggest about visiting this beautiful place.

If you have any questions about planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park or any of the other national parks, please feel free to contact me.


Aug 06, 2021

Stay 75ft from bison and elk, 300 ft from wolves or bears. Don’t be a Touron

Trey Tracy
Trey Tracy
Aug 06, 2021
Replying to

Good idea! “Touron”. Funny!

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