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Top 5 European Cities You Should Visit In 2019

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

When it comes to traveling, Europe is one of the most interesting places to visit, primarily because of the diversity of experiences it has to offer. From ancient architecture to contemporary art, from the most stunning natural sites in the entire world to the most intricately designed metropolitan cities, and from sandy beaches and shores to snow-capped mountain peaks, the continent of Europe has a little bit for everyone’s taste. Thousands of people flock to cities such as Paris and London every holiday season. However, there is much more to Europe than these usual culprits. Check out these top 5 cities that you should consider visiting in 2019 if you are planning a European vacation.


When it comes to the widely loved and visited country of Italy, there are a number of cities that come to mind such as Rome and Milan. But, if there is one name that is often unjustly overlooked it would be the beautiful city of Florence. After all, the city is the inspiration behind the famed artistic works of the likes of Michelangelo and Brunelleschi. Walking through the streets of Florence can be accurately described as taking a trip back in time, all the way to the 14th century as you take in the literal physical embodiment of everything Renaissance. However, the views and the art aren’t the only things that attract thousands of people to the location every year. Part of the attraction is also contributed to by the delicious food, the remarkable people, the rich culture, and the trendy vibe of the city that simply leaves you feeling indescribably at peace and filled with joy.

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The capital of the Czech Republic is fast becoming one of the prime tourist cities in Europe, with the primary attracting factor being the depth that it hides within the folds of its streets, bridges, and humongous castles. It is almost like walking in a fantasy world where dragons may still exist, ready to pop out as you tread over their hidden treasure. These buildings also hold deep roots within history, so you can appreciate their beauty and learn about them simultaneously. Prague is also infamous for its plethora of old churches that each tell a story about the feet that stepped in them and the voices that reverberated against the gleaming stained windows. The Vltava River also tends to be one of the main attractions as you gently flow on the gentle waters and watch the rich culture and traditions of the city pass by.

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We sincerely doubt there is an avid traveler in the world who has not heard of Rome or does not want to pay it a visit. One of the most rich, condensed, and infamous historical centers and tourist destinations in the whole world, Rome paints a picture as pretty and meaningful as any. When in Rome, you will get to visit sites such as the renowned Pantheon and the astonishing Colosseum, two architectural masterpieces that you may only have seen plastered over postcards and the front pages of travel blogs. But the moment you find yourself standing in front of one of these colossal landmarks of history, you will find yourself swept away by the magic of the City of the Seven Hills. To add to this, you also have the Vatican City and a number of relevant museums that hold a very special place near the heart of Christianity. But despite being a major historical site, Rome has become an incredibly modern and contemporary society and you will find yourself gazing upon ancient architecture as you sip on your coffee and take in the waft of your authentic Italian pasta at a cute, local cafe’.

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Istanbul is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and fascinating parts of Europe, as we move towards the Middle East and experience a blend in the vastly different western and eastern cultures, architecture, history, and art. A blend that gives Turkey its characteristically unique flavor that no other city in the world can emulate. The bridge between the east and the west harbors rich history and an interesting backstory, which is why you do not want to miss out on listening to it in one of Istanbul’s museums and try to imagine the might of the former Ottoman and Byzantine empires. Shop in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul to experience the colorfulness and lively personalities of the local people or stake out on the streets as the sun sets to get a taste of the bustling nightlife that never fails to disappoint the guests of Istanbul.


Athens is one of the most interesting cities that the entirety of Europe has to offer, especially when it comes to architecture and history in general. Often called the cradle of ancient European history, Athens is a must see for anyone looking to take a picture in front of one of the most widely photographed and revered historical sites in the world. Watching the sun setting on the white marble of the Acropolis and the tall columns of the Parthenon is a surreal experience and so is walking through neighborhoods that feel like they were just pulled out of a movie about ancient Greece. But aside from the jaw dropping unique architecture and the stunning colors that line Athens, the real treats are the people who file out onto the streets and make for a lively, hustling, and bustling city, with local market shopping, sidewalk games of chess, and tango out in the streets.

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Are you ready to pack your bags and set out for Europe? If so, let me hear your thoughts and comments down below in the comments section. If you are in need of a travel advisor to help you plan your European vacation, please contact me. I would love to help you plan that ultimate vacation.


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