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Safety in Cancun

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Cancun Mexico Flag

I recently visited Cancun, Mexico, with ten of my fellow travel advisors from Magnolia Travel Group. We were there for a familiarization (FAM) trip where we visited ten different resorts managed by Karisma Hotel & Resorts. As I prepared to go to Cancun I had several people ask if it was safe for me to go.

Well, let me tell you that Cancun is open for business and that the Mexican people working at the resorts are genuinely hospitable and know the importance of the tourism industry to their economy. Cancun is not any less safe than most major U.S. cities. I would not hesitate to go back again with my family. Contrary to what the American media appears to be reporting, the issues that we hear about seem to be local-on-local crime, away from the resorts and not against tourists.

At no point did I feel unsafe. The resorts take security very seriously. If you are not a registered guest or do not have an appointment to visit the resort, then you will have a very difficult time gaining access.

Additionally, we were escorted by Lomas Travel, a Mexican family-owned business since 1981. They provide private transfers and tours. Safety is one of their top priorities, and their professional drivers and staff see to your comfort and well-being.

Now, of course, you must always use common sense and your own judgment when traveling. A travel advisor cannot guarantee anyone’s safety anywhere in the world. However, there should be little concern if you stay on the secure resorts and in the touristy areas.

I look forward to returning one day in the near future with my own family. As was commonly said in Cancun, “I love Mexico and Mexico loves You!”

Ready to book your Cancun vacation? Contact me and let’s begin planning the perfect resort for your vacation needs.

Note: Travelers are encouraged to visit and look for any advisories for the destination they are traveling to. It is ultimately the traveler’s responsibility to make the decision about his/her own safety.


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