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Celebrating Two Years as a Travel Advisor

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

A little over two years ago I was contacted by my friend Kim Sims to consider embarking on a new journey with her. She and her friend Jennifer Wooten were starting their own travel agency. Knowing my love of travel, travel planning, and travel writing, she wanted to know if I was interested in becoming a travel advisor. So, I quickly gave it some thought and told her yes. A month or so later she and Jennifer called a meeting for us new advisors to discuss the agency and to welcome us aboard.

On September 24, 2017, I signed on the line to be an official travel advisor for Magnolia Travel Group. Never would I have thought I would be a travel advisor. However, it has been a great experience that has opened doors to meeting new people and visiting new destinations that might not have happened otherwise.

Therefore, as today marks the two year anniversary of being a Magnolia Travel Group Travel Advisor, I take this moment to thank the following:

  1. Jennifer and Kim: Thank you for inviting me to be a part of a great agency and for the help and encouragement you have given me along the way.

  2. My wife, Sarah, and kids: Thank you for putting up with my late nights of travel planning and training, the business trips I have taken so I can learn and the familiarization trips to tour some really beautiful places, especially when I haven’t been able to take you with me.

  3. My mother: Thank you for being my biggest supporter and marketer (next to my wife and kids) and the one who inspired the love of travel in me.

  4. My suppliers: Thank you for providing great service and quality products that allow me to put the best vacation package together for my clients.

  5. My fellow advisors: Thank you for your help and support that we all provide one another on a regular basis.

  6. My wonderful clients: Thank you to the many, many wonderful clients that I have had the honor to book countless travel for. At the end of the day none of this would be possible without you. I thank you for allowing me to have a small part of your memories by helping to plan each of your trips down to the last details. Thank you for trusting me and for your continued support as a repeat client.

I look forward to many more years of working with Magnolia Travel Group, traveling to new destinations throughout the world, and helping you with the vacation of your dreams.


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